Cutting Stone Tile and Marble

Compared to traditional cutting tools, easy-to-use APW waterjets largely reduce work-in-process time on cutting stone and tile. Our waterjets can cut any stone or tile, without changing any tool in process.

No Heat or Surface Stress

The waterjet does not impart any heat or surface stress onto the stone or tile. Therefore, the material still retains original appearance and strength.

Unique Ability to Cut Intricate Designs

Whether cutting any intricate designs, the unique ability of waterjet to cut at high speed frees your imagination and expands your business.

Advantages of Cutting Stone with Waterjet:

Eliminates most secondary finishing… no rough edges
Little or no waste of raw material
No toxic fumes or dust (in contrast to saws & blades)
No blade or saw sharpening

Ability to cut the most intricate stone, tile and marble designs
Ideal for cutting up to 15 cm of materials depending on density of product
Eliminates the risk of discoloring or deformation
Flexibility of Saw and Waterjet combination systems