Cutting Composite

Because composites are not homogenous materials and are reinforced for greater strength, cutting composites are always considered to be a tough work. As a non-contact cold cutting process, waterjet does not produce heat-affected zones, or leave rough edges and burrs. High pressure waterjet can cut the composites in a fast speed. The abrasives added in the cutting also have grinding function which will make the cutting surface smoother, cleaner and more accurate. Therefore, waterjet is the best choice for composite cutting.

Advantages of Cutting Composites with Waterjet:

Create complex shapes using composites with precision water jet cutting.NO Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) which is ideal for composites and more.Ideal for cutting up to 8"(20 cm) of composites materials depending on density of product.
Eliminates most secondary finishing… no burrs or rough edges.
Safe for the Environment; no toxic fumes or dust and garnet is disposable.
Omni-directional cutting. Minimal tolerances. No wasteful raw materials.
Cutting heads do not have to be changed out during manufacturing avoiding aggravating delays.
Thick or thin, waterjet cutting is the most flexible cutting process for granite to foam.
Minimal set up for automated cutting process and minimal downtime for quick seal change.
Cuts without melting.
Can pierce material directly without the need for a pre-drilled starter hole.
No tool sharpening.
One head for all applications, no guessing, no need to change bits.
High or low surface pressure flexibility for sensitive or thick materials.
Tolerances at ±0.003"/.076 mm.